Happy New Year 2020! for Terade Team and work.

Time: 2019-12-28
Summary: The 2020 year will come. Terada thanks for efforts and work of terada team and workers. Thanks for our clients Supporting and understanding. Hope we can offer more high quality hardware and good service in next.
Welcome 2020 Year!
The 2020 is coming. Thanking Terada employees for their hard work and dedication over the past year. Your hard work and hard work have made today's Terrada. Thank you for your companionship along the way, and hope that we will grow bigger and better together in the new year.
Thank you for the support of our old customers and the trust of our new customers in 2019. In the new year, we will insist on quality and perfect service. To provide you with better products and more professional services. Thank you for growing up with Terada. Tolerate Terada, understand Terada.


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