Time: 2020-01-13
Summary: TERADA HARDWARE have a adjust and plan for new year at 2020 year.

Dear New and old customers:


2020 has arrived. In the new year, TERADA wish you health and happiness.


Glad to share with you the new changes and plan of Terada Hardware.

Terada will continue to insist on product quality.Meanwhile we also could help customers develop and produce non-standard products when customer needed. In 2020 we will launch our new website. This website will give you a comprehensive display of our production process, packaging details, quality inspection process. You also could get some suggestions on materials, processing, use and installation. We will provide you with more professional services.


TERADA will improve product quality and service in 2020. I look forward to better cooperation with you. Thank you for your support and trust in 2019. I believe you will see a better partner-TERADA HARDWARE in new year.


Our CHINESE NEW YEAR holidays from 24th, Jan to 2th, Feb 2020. Our Sale staff will take turns to serve you. The salesman's mailbox will always be online. If you have any questions and inquiries, we can reply and support you asap.

                                                                                                                                        ----TERADA HARDWARE

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