Tensile Structure Widely Application
Tensile structure is now more and more popular with people and construction companies. More young designers have joined the design of the strength structure, and more and more excellent works have emerged. Such as:

1.Cultural facilities - exhibition center, theater, conference hall, museum, botanical garden, aquarium, etc.

2.Sports facilities - stadium, gymnasium, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, etc.

3.Commercial facilities - shopping centers, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, storefronts (small shops), shopping streets, etc.

4.Transportation facilities - airport, train station, bus station, toll station, dock, gas station

5.Industrial facilities - factories, warehouses, research centers, processing centers, greenhouses, logistics centers, etc.

6.Landscape facilities - building entrances, iconic essays, pedestrian-only streets, parking lots, etc.

Many of these private users prefer to use shade sail to create their private entertainment space. With the continuous deepening of the concept of architectural space and the continuous improvement of scientific means. People refer to return to nature, bathing natural warmth has become the mainstream of modern architectural environment development. Compared to the cold and darkness of the interior, the outdoor sunshine is more attractive to everyone. But the strong sunshine is not good for health. So the design of the shade sail makes up for the lack. For example: terrace, four seasons of the hall, zoo and botanical gardens, sports, cultural and entertainment venues. Due to the daytime sunlight can through the film  form slow light. So that the indoor and outdoor have almost the same natural effect. The tensile structure can create a space comparable to the natural environment.

In order to pursue urban characteristics, many cities have created many landmark buildings to reflect the city's geographical style and ethnic customs. Landscape design requires a wide range of readability, elegance and common appreciation. Which has extraordinary artistic value and makes the public like to listen to the public interest. Membrane structures are widely used in urban sketch designs for their unique personality and identity. The most famous Sydney Opera House is a typical tensile structure construction.

In some low-latitude countries, the heat blocks people's desire to go out. The tensile shade sail is installed above the sidewalk so that residents can enjoy relaxing walks and rests in the center without being affected by the weather. Constructing the tensile structure that can vividly beautify the environment in a green space is as beautiful as a white sail in a powerful and vast oasis.

Commercial streets occupy a large part of the city. The architecture and environment of the commercial street is the window of urban civilization. Which representing the level of material and spiritual civilization. It is also an important part of the landscape environment. The film structure is light and stylish, modern in style, easy to install and move. It is widely used in commercial street design.

The entrance to the building makes the interface of the urban public space adjacent to the building space part of the urban space. It is the first part of people's visual contact. Therefore, in addition to its function, it should have a strong personality and reflect the personality of the building. It is an important part of the architectural environment and urban landscape. Since the unique shape of the membrane structure is unmatched by other structural types, it has become a form of frequent use at building entrances.

With the acceleration of urban modernization, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation for any city. Due to the rapid development of industry, the number of cars in the city has grown exponentially. But the urban construction plan has not been able to adapt to this development as soon as possible. There is often no space for parking spaces. The parking problem should be fully considered in the construction. The construction and planning of the parking lot is an important part of the modern urban construction planning. Similarly, the tensile structure plays an important role in the construction of the parking lot.

In the spiritual pursuit of health, happiness and human culture, people living in modern cities have rid themselves of past social behaviors and earn a living at new levels. Modern membrane structure architecture is a comprehensive reflection of modern city, modern culture and society, modern life and concept.
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