Lifting Hardware

Lifting is a device that lifts materials by hanging, grabbing, sucking, clamping, palletizing or other means. Different types of material picking devices are used different the type, shape and volume of the materials to be suspended. For example, the articles are commonly used as hooks, rings, etc. And which are used with wire ropes, chains, and slings.


Lifting is very demanding on hardware accessories, especially the working tension of hardware. Therefore, most of the lifting hardware is forged products. Due to the good tensile performance of forged products, it is widely used for lifting. Usually the lifting is 80 grade alloy steel products, and some lifting application even need material to be able reach 100 grade . Stainless steel lifting hardware technical requirements are relatively high. But prefered by corrosion-resistant engineering projects and military equipment. Owned a relatively broad market.

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                                                                                              Lifting Hook
                                                                                              Lifting Turnbuckle
                                                                                              Lifting Chain
                                                                                              Wire Rope