How to deal with stainless steel chain rust?

How to deal with stainless steel chain rust?

How to deal with stainless steel chain rust?
How to deal with stainless steel chain rust?
There is one item on the rigging that is often overlooked, but there are very important parts, that is the lifting chain. When the equipment is used for a long time, each component will tend to age or gradually fail. The rigging is also the same with stainless steel chains. The more common is the corrosion of the chain. In addition to the time relationship, what other reasons lead to similar problems?

1, the rigging with stainless steel chain rust because of the lack of anti-rust treatment
In the production process of the lifting chain, the operator does not strictly carry out the anti-rust treatment according to the production requirements, and does not use the anti-rust packaging. Once it comes into contact with the corrosive liquid gas, the corrosion will occur. .

2. The stainless steel chain of the rigging is related to the chain material.
In order to reduce the production cost of the hoisting chain, some manufacturers choose unqualified materials, such as the high content of non-metallic impurities in the steel, which makes the rust resistance of the formed chain itself reduced, resulting in similar defects.

3, rusting of stainless steel chain rigging is caused by the quality of anti-rust oil is not up to standard
Even if rust-proof lubricants and cleaning oils have been applied to the lifting chain, if the quality of the products does not meet the technical requirements, it will be in vain, which will also cause rusting of the lifting chain.

4. Corrosion of stainless steel chain in rigging is related to operating environment
When the rigging is operated with a stainless steel chain for a long period of time in a poor condition, it is considered that the harmful substance content is too high, or the space is too small to be rust-proofed, thereby adversely affecting the chain.

Although it is a stainless steel chain, once our stainless steel chain is often in a humid environment, or encounter other liquids that are corrosive, etc., our stainless steel chain will have more or less rust spots. So how do we deal with the rust phenomenon of stainless steel chains?

The use of pickling paste is a common method for removing stainless steel chain rust spots. Why is it so popular because it is a much smoother finish on the surface of the chain, and a passivation film is formed on the surface of the chain, so that our stainless steel chain The service life has also been extended. This method of descaling is suitable for most industries such as chemical machinery, food machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, and pressure vessel manufacturing.

The operation of using the pickling paste is also simple to tell everyone. The first is to apply our pickling paste on the surface of the stainless steel chain. Remember, at this time, our coating thickness is controlled between 0.5-2mm, time control. In 3-10 minutes or more, if the temperature is low in winter, or when it is below 0 °C or when the scale is thick, the time can be extended appropriately. In the process of this treatment, it is recommended to brush more times with a brush. After the scale of the surface of our stainless steel chain is completely removed, then the water can be used again, or the stainless steel chain can be washed with lime water or alkaline water. The purpose is to avoid rust.