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How Terada Hardware Control Cable Railing Fittings Quality?

TERADA HARDWARE QUALITY CONTROL First Test--product test When the products are making ,our worker will test the products dimension to control the tolerance Second Test--dimension test We will test material and dimension by QC department before packing. Every plastic bag will weight to ensure the quantity. Every carton will weight to second ensure. Third Test--mass products test Before shipment,we will check the packing,label and total weight RIGGING HARDWARE Terada rigging hardware have shackle, turnbuckle, wire rope clips, wire rope thimble, snap hook, lifting hook and other type hardware, we also support OEM products, we could follow your requirements to make products. CABLE RAILING Terada cable railing line have terminal turnbuckle, swage stud, swage terminal, swageless terminals, Anglewasher and other cable railing hardware. TENSILE STRUCTURE Tensile hardware is inclued shade sail fitting and other wire rope fittings,such as wire rope, cable stud, tensile turnbuckle, wire rope D ring. CNC HARDWARE Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&D team have over 10 years’ experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. Based on innovation

What is Terada Payment Item?

Payments Terada can accept payment methods in a variety of terms. The most commonly used ones are T/T, L/C.For T/T We usually pay 30%-40% in advance, and settle the remaining balance before shipment.In addition, we will provide detailed shipping information and product details before shipment to ensure that customers have a macro understanding of every detail of the product. Please be assured that we are regular manufacturers and sincerely do business with you.

How Long of Terada Delivery Time?

Delivery Time Terada Hardware's normal delivery time is 30 days, but if the quantity of products is relatively large, it is usually 45 days.Of course, if you catch up with the peak production season, the delivery time will be extended. However, please be assured that we will give you a satisfactory delivery date on the basis of quality assurance, if you have urgent procurement. We are also happy to cooperate with you and strive to give you the best delivery time. If you have any questions, you can communicate with us in time via email, we will usually give you an answer within 24 hours.