Merry Christmas!--Terada Team wishes for you

Merry Christmas!--Terada Team wishes for you


Terada team wish you and your families happy on Christmas,Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
1. Snowflakes are blooming and warm, the world is filled with sweetness, the smoke from the chimney, the stove is warm and lazy, the flowers are exuding fragrance, the urchins ask for fructose, the reindeer runs out healthy, and Christmas is full of auspiciousness. Wish: Merry Christmas!

2. I make a wish for Christmas. May your happiness be as vast as the universe. May your life be as prosperous as Christmas clothes. May your body be as energetic as a Christmas deer. Can you fulfill these wishes for me? Merry Christmas!

3. Christmas snow dances with a romantic atmosphere and conveys the warmth of the holiday season; Christmas trees hang beautiful greetings and spread a happy mood; Christmas texts send warm messages and send sincere blessings; and when Christmas arrives, I wish you happy Accompany, good luck!

4. The dazzling fireworks is the beginning of happiness; the shining of the meteor is the realization of wishes; the bell of Christmas is the strike of good luck; the ringtone of the text message is my blessing to you, Christmas is coming, I wish you peace Health and happiness!
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