The Structure and Installation Precautions of Elevator Wire Rope

The Structure and Installation Precautions of Elevator Wire Rope


In this article, TERADA shared the structure and installation precautions of elevator wire ropes for everyone, hoping to help you better use elevator wire ropes.

The Structure and Installation Precautions of Elevator Wire Rope
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The wire rope is a load-bearing element in the elevator, and it bears almost the entire weight of the elevator. The quality of the wire rope will directly affect the safety of the elevator operation. The correct selection, use, and maintenance of elevator traction wire rope is not only related to the safety and normal operation of the elevator but also vital to extending its own service life. Let's take a look at the structure and installation of the following elevator wire ropes together.

The structure of the elevator wire rope

Wire rope is a rope made of multiple rope-making steel wires twisted according to certain rules. According to different classification methods, it can be divided into various forms of steel wire rope, but in essence, it is composed of rope-making steel wire, rope core, and rope grease. Generally speaking, the service life of a wire rope will be greatly affected by dynamic tension.

At the same time, the service life of the wire rope will also be affected by the uneven load of the wire rope. Even in the same batch of elevators from the same manufacturer, some elevator wire ropes have a service life of 5 years, and some elevator wire ropes may have a service life of 10 years. The main reason is that in addition to the quality of the wire rope itself, there is also the uneven tension of the wire rope.

Reasons for uneven tension of elevator wire ropes

There are two main reasons for the uneven tension of the elevator traction wire ropes: first, after the elevator is running, the structural elongation of the wire ropes may be inconsistent; second, when the elevator is installed, the basic static tension may be inconsistent.

Whether in the elevator inspection stage or in the elevator installation stage, you only need to observe the height of the tension adjustment spring to detect the uneven tension of the elevator wire rope. At the same time, after the elevator has been running for a period of time, the elevator traction wire rope will be structurally elongated, resulting in greater changes in the tension of the wire rope. These factors may cause uneven tension of the elevator wire rope.

The influence of uneven tension of elevator wire rope

If the tension of the elevator wire rope is uneven, it will cause uneven wear of the rope groove and wire rope; and if the uneven wear exists for a long time, it will inevitably cause the circumferential speed (each wire rope), diameter size (each groove pitch circle) ) and other parameters are different, which induces a relatively obvious relative sliding of the steel wire rope in the rope groove.

As we all know, during the operation of the elevator, the running speed of the steel wire rope is inversely proportional to its own wear amount, but the elevator operation requires that all the steel wire ropes can run the same stroke. This will inevitably cause two elevator wire ropes with different wear amounts to appear. Relative slip, in the long run, will further increase the amount of wear on the wire rope, and the increase in the amount of wear will increase the relative slip, and a serious vicious circle will appear.

The end result is: that the degree of damage to the rope groove by the wire rope and its own wear will greatly increase, which will cause the rope groove to be completely scrapped or the wire rope completely unusable in a short period of time.

Precautions for installing wire rope

Replacing elevator wire ropes is a relatively complex and high-intensity work involving many safety factors. To carry out work safely and efficiently and avoid safety accidents, reasonable and scientific management and construction are required.

Pay attention to the construction site:

1. Personnel working at heights must wear safety helmets, safety belts, and personal protective equipment. Those who are not fit are strictly prohibited from working in this position.

2. Obvious warning signs must be set up at the construction site. When public places are involved, protective fences must be set up to block irrelevant personnel from entering the construction site to prevent non-operating personnel from entering the construction site at will to avoid accidental injuries.

3. Walkie-talkies must be worn in all positions, and clear calls and clear instructions must be ensured during the operation.

4. During the construction process, personnel must obey the operating instructions of the sole engineering guide. No one is allowed to issue operating instructions at will, or violate the instructions issued by the engineering instructions without authorization, to ensure the effectiveness of the response mechanism.

Construction site survey and tool preparation:

1. The construction personnel shall conduct on-site surveys of the elevator shafts, corridors, landings, and machine rooms on the site in advance to prevent injuries caused by falling, falling, electric shocks, and being involved in equipment.

2. Ensure sufficient lighting in the engine room, shaft and corridor.

3. There are no obstructions in the moving parts of the operation.

4. The platform formed in the machine room should have protective guard bars.

5. There should be a safe distance between the rotating parts and the active position of the operation.

6. The wiring of equipment in the computer room should be standardized and safe.

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