The Use Management of Steel Wire Ropes

The Use Management of Steel Wire Ropes


In order to ensure the safety of the wire rope in operation, some matters need to be followed in the selection and management. Today, let’s talk about the use management of steel wire ropes.

The Use Management of Steel Wire Ropes
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The steel wire rope is a helical steel wire bundle twisted together according to certain rules, the mechanical properties and geometric dimensions of the steel wire meet the requirements. The steel wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core, and grease.

A steel wire rope is a rope that is twisted into strands from multiple layers of steel wire, and then a certain number of strands are twisted into a spiral with the core of the rope as the center. In material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, traction, tensioning, and carrying. The steel wire rope needs to comply with the following management conditions during use to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure in use.

Selections of wire ropes

The selection of wire rope specifications is professionally calculated based on the weight of the object to be lifted, binding method, etc. (large lifting and combined lifting operations must be calculated). For general lifting operations, you can refer to the following empirical formula to estimate the required wire rope diameter.

d is the nominal diameter of the wire rope, unit: mm

6 is the safety factor, 6 times the safety factor for hoisting operations.

If a double-leg rope is used, according to the angle, the maximum load-bearing weight of the single-leg rope × coefficient (such as 1.9, 1.7, etc.).

Requirements of wire ropes scrap 

The steel wire rope shall be scrapped if one of the following situations occurs:

(1) When a part of the outer steel wire rope is stretched out in a cage-like state;

(2) One strand of the wire rope is broken;

(3) For an alternately twisted steel wire rope, when its safety factor is 6 or 7 (that is, used for hoisting), the number of broken wires within a pitch shall not exceed 10% of the total number of wires;

(4) When the diameter of the fiber core of the steel wire rope increases severely, the rope core comes out;

(5) The steel wire rope has obvious internal corrosion;

(6) The surface steel wire of the steel wire rope is corroded, and the wear exceeds 40% of the steel wire diameter;

(7) The wire rope is kinked or bent, causing plastic deformation;

(8) When the diameter of the wire rope is reduced by 7%;

(9) The wire rope was burned at high temperatures such as electric arc.

Other managements of wire ropes

(1) Try to buy a pressed ring-eye type for the rope head, and useless plug-in ring-eye steel wire rope;

(2) Generally, 6-strand and 8-strand steel wire ropes are used for general hoisting operations. When purchasing steel wire ropes, the supplier shall obtain the certificate of conformity and sampling inspection report of the batch of products;

(3) The steel wire rope should be kept in a good lubrication state and should be prevented from knotting and twisting during storage and use. It should be hung or laid flat in different categories. The wire ropes in use and scrap should not be mixed;

(4) When the ends of the steel wire rope are fixedly connected with rope clamps, the number of rope clamps shall not be less than 3, and the distance between the rope clamps shall not be less than 6 times the diameter of the steel wire rope.

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