10 Guidelines for the Use and Maintenance of Wire Rope

10 Guidelines for the Use and Maintenance of Wire Rope


In order to ensure the stable structural performance of the steel wire rope, we need to pay more attention to it in the process of use and maintenance. Let's talk about the guidelines for using and maintaining steel wire ropes.

The wire rope is a helical wire bundle made of steel wires with mechanical properties and geometric dimensions that meet the requirements. The wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core, and grease. In material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, traction, tensioning, and carrying.

The steel wire rope has high strength, is lightweight, has stable work, is not easy to break the whole rope suddenly, and is reliable work. In order to ensure the stable structural performance of the wire rope, we need to pay attention to the following points in the process of use and maintenance.

(1) The strength of the steel wire rope must be checked frequently during use. Generally, a comprehensive inspection or strength test must be carried out for at least six months.

(2)  It is strictly forbidden to overload the wire rope during use, and should not be subjected to impact. When bundling or lifting the required objects, be careful not to make the wire rope directly contact the sharp corners of the object. Padded with wooden plates, canvas, sack, or other cushions to prevent the rapid edges and corners of the object from damaging the steel wire rope and causing equipment and life accidents.

(3) During the use of the wire rope, if the length is not enough, it must be connected by a shackle. It is strictly forbidden to use the wire rope head to pass through the thin wire rope to extend the lifting object to avoid the resulting shearing force.

(4) There should be no cracks or gaps on the edge of the pulley used for wire rope wear.

(5) The wire rope should not rub against other objects during use, especially the wire rope in motion, and should not be dragged obliquely with the edge of the steel edge, so as not to cut the wire rope by the corners of the steel plate and directly affect the service life of the wire rope.

(6) When using wire rope on high-temperature objects, heat insulation measures must be adopted, because the strength of the wire rope will be greatly reduced after being subjected to high temperature.

(7) After the wire rope is used for a period of time, lubricating oil must be added. On the one hand, it can prevent the wire rope from rusting. On the other hand, adding lubricating oil will reduce the sliding friction, which is generated especially when the wire rope is subjected to a bending force.

(8) When storing the wire rope, the dirt on the wire rope should be cleaned according to the above method, lubricated, and then coiled, stored in a dry place, under the wire rope with wooden boards or sleepers, which must be checked regularly.

(9) During the use of the wire rope, special attention should be paid to prevent the wire rope from contacting the welding wire. After the electric shock, the wire rope will be damaged, which will affect the smooth progress of the operation.

(10) During the use of the steel wire rope, it is necessary to check whether there is any breakage or damage and whether it affects the use, and replace the new rope in time to ensure safety.

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