How to Store the Rigging Hardware Correctly?

How to Store the Rigging Hardware Correctly?


Ensuring that the rigging equipment is safely stored can extend the service life of the rigging hardware. This article will introduce the correct storage method for rigging hardware.

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Rigging hardware belongs to the hardware rig, if the rigging hardware is corroded or rusted during storage, there will be a big problem in the connection, which may also cause a safety accident. The following is the correct way to store the rigging hardware.

Keep Equipment Dry

If equipment gets wet it can cause corrosion. It is best to try and keep all rigging hardware supplies dry if possible. If keeping the equipment dry isn’t possible while operating, allow it to completely dry afterward.
Store in a Suitable Environment

Wire rope rigging hardware may become damaged if not stored properly. You want to store your rigging hardware or lifting devices in a space that is free from dirt, heat, moisture, and movement. Environmental factors can damage materials over time and will make them unsafe for use.
Try not to Drop Supplies

If slings are dropped numerous times they will start to accumulate dirt. These hard particles will generate friction with the rigging hardware materials when they come into contact with other materials. The friction from the dirt particles will increase surface wear and reduce the equipment’s service life.

If supplies are dropped on concrete they can become deformed or scratched. Concrete can miss-shape and scrape away at materials. This is why it is important to prevent the rigging hardware from falling.
Avoid UV Rays

UV rays have the power to damage synthetic materials. Most slings are made from synthetic materials and when exposed to UV rays it will reduce their operating density strength by 50%.
Use Rigging Hardware Racks

There are hardware racks that are customized for the storage of rigging materials. By keeping your rigging supplies on a rack, it prevents them from becoming damaged by elements and other equipment.
Store Away From Mechanical Equipment

Since slings are made from synthetic materials, they can easily be damaged by mechanical equipment. By storing your rigging slings in a dry and cool location you can prevent them from damage. Also, it is best to store these supplies away from moving machinery in case of accidents.

The Temperature Should Be Below 93 Degrees Celsius

If you are using a rigging hardware storage container, the temperature inside should be below 93 degrees Celsius which is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Keep all rigging hardware materials off the floor to prevent safety hazards and to prolong the service life. If you still have questions about storage rigging hardware after reading the above methods, you can contact us to get the corresponding solution, and we also produce high-quality rigging hardware.

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