The Best Solution for Installing Shade Sails

The Best Solution for Installing Shade Sails


The variety of design layouts offered by square and triangular sails is truly remarkable. Here are five of the most common layouts used in outdoor living spaces.

The Best Solution for Installing Shade Sails
The variety of design layouts offered by square and triangular sails is truly remarkable. Below are five layouts of shade sails that are most commonly used in outdoor living spaces.

Rectangular or square design

The parabolic design using a single square or rectangular shade sail is very popular because it combines all the best shade sail elements: it looks great, it provides excellent shade coverage, and it is more weather resistant than a flat 2D layout. To achieve this effect, you simply pin two diagonal corners at low points at the same distance from the ground and the other two diagonal corners at higher points at the same distance from the ground.

Multiple squares or rectangles

Combining multiple squares or rectangular shade sails is a great way to shade a large area. For this, you can install two shade sails side by side or slightly overlapping. The benefit of overlapping shade sails is that they avoid shade coverage gaps that may exist when installed side by side. When overlapping, it is recommended to keep at least 12 inches between sails to avoid contact chafing between damaged fabrics.

Oblique triangle

Another attractive option is the oblique triangle. This angle provides aesthetic appeal while also allowing for moisture loss. A slope of at least 15 degrees is generally recommended for optimal runoff.

Multiple triangles

Multiple triangles can create unique, beautiful designs that can cover spaces that a single triangle or square cannot. Just like squares and rectangles, you can connect them side-by-side or overlap slightly. The same overlapping considerations apply to triangles: keep at least 12 inches between sails to avoid chafing.

There are several design layouts to choose from:

You can create a polygon by having two triangles facing in one direction sandwich a central triangle facing in the opposite direction

You can also create dramatic folding fan effects by interlacing multiple triangles.

Rectangle/square and triangle combination

The combination of squares and triangles creates a unique look that shades large custom areas.

You can create a pentagon by attaching triangular sails on top of a square

You can hide the seam of two side-by-side squares with an overlapping triangle in the middle

Or anything else you can imagine.

The above details a few of the best options for installing shade sails, if you want shade sails made of the highest quality materials that will bring you joy and comfort for years to come, please contact us.

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