Shade Sail Hardware 5/16 Aircraft Cable Thimble on Wire Rope 7x19

Group Shade Sail Fittings
Min. Order 1000 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-08-10
Item specifics
MaterialStainless steel 304-A2,316-A4
RequirementsGood quality material, high surface, no rust
PackageThickened Woven Bag,Five Ply Cartons, Pallets
ApplicationWire Rope, Tensile Structure, Shade Sail
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Shade D Ring Description

Shade Sail Hardware 5/16 Aircraft Cable Thimble on Wire Rope 7x19 is a two-ear wire rope thimble accessory, which uses a double horizontal column design. It is easy to fix the shading film. This product is improved on the basis of the single ear D ring, which is an improved product of the customer considering the better fixed connection of the sunshade film. Its advantage is that Shade Sail Hardware 5/16 Aircraft Cable Thimble on Wire Rope 7x19   is more suitable for part of the light-weight sunshade structure and can be fit to the maximum. Its shortcomings are: due to the focus on the degree of fit and fit, the weight of the product itself is much reduced, so that although the production cost can be reduced, the working tension and firmness are weakened. The reduced pressure is not conducive to the long-term stability of the building, so for thick and heavy membrane structures, it is recommended to choose the single ear D ring


Terada hardware is a responsible manufacturer. We will promptly communicate with customers during the production of some unexpected situations. If the parameters required by the customer are indeed not met during production, we will also inform the customer truthfully. We earnestly produce every product of our customers, and do not deceive customers in order to obtain customer orders. We treat each of our customers in the spirit of honest operation and sincere cooperation.We also have other shade sail hardware, such as shade sail turnbuckle, stainless wire rope, HDG wire cable, wire rope thimble, shade eye bolt, shade plate, snap hook, cable stud bolt.

                                  l Stainless Steel 316 ( AISI316)                        l Stainless Steel 304 ( AISI304)
                           l Carbon Steel 45#                                            l Carbon Steel Q235
Surface Treatment       
                                  l Normal Polished                                             l Hand Mirror Polished 
                           l Galvanized                                                     l Paint Spraying 
                                  l CNC Processing                                             l Precision Casting  
                           l Hot Forged                                                     l Stamping
Tensile Structure
Yacht Boat
             Yacht Boat
Production Show
tensile turnbuckle
snap hook
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